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Softwave Therapy in Columbus, NE

SoftWave TRT therapy in Columbus applied on patient's lower leg

You can get out of a pain cycle and get back to your regular life using SoftWave TRT therapy in Columbus! This cutting-edge treatment can facilitate tissue regeneration by reaching and activating the body's natural healing mechanism at the cellular level through patented technology.

Providing TRT Extracorporeal Softwave Therapy is part of our Driver Chiropractic commitment to bringing you the best possible care. Dr. Dylan Driver, our chiropractor, uses this non-invasive, innovative method to stimulate the body's healing response by harnessing the power of acoustic soft waves. Get to know more about this therapy in this article! 

What is SoftWave Therapy?

Regenerative medicine focuses on encouraging the natural ability of the body to repair, replace, and regenerate damaged or degenerating tissues. A cutting-edge, remarkably successful new face in this field is SoftWave Therapy, which is FDA-approved and clinically proven. It uses high-energy sound waves to the affected body parts to reduce discomfort and improve mobility and function.

Through enhanced blood circulation, metabolism, and cellular repair to replace damaged tissue, this treatment accelerates the body's healing process. Muscles and connective tissue are repaired by the body's growth hormones and stem cells, activated by the healing energy wave infiltrating tissues.

This safe, non-invasive therapy can effectively treat chronic pain, degenerative diseases, and a variety of excruciating musculoskeletal problems. It is an accessible and reasonably priced option for pain treatment patients as it does not involve the use of needles, anesthesia, pain medication, or expensive hospitalization.

Conditions We Treat

woman with chronic back pain treated with SoftWave TRT therapy in Columbus

We utilize TRT Softwave Therapy at Driver Chiropractic to treat various conditions, including the ones below: 

Chronic Pain Relief

TRT Softwave Therapy reduces chronic pain by promoting tissue repair and decreasing inflammation. This has demonstrated success in addressing ailments like plantar fasciitis and tendonitis.

Joint Pain Relief

TRT Softwave Therapy can alleviate joint pain, employing targeted shockwave technology to stimulate tissue repair and reduce inflammation. This approach effectively treats conditions like arthritis and tennis elbow.

Soft Tissue Relief

TRT Softwave Therapy relieves soft tissue injuries, addressing issues like muscle strains and ligament sprains.

Why Choose Driver Chiropractic for Softwave TRT Therapy

Softwave TRT Therapy in Columbus, offered at Driver Chiropractic, stands apart from traditional pain management and tissue regeneration techniques as a non-surgical and medication-free option, complementing his treatment services to promote a healthier lifestyle. 

Driven by a passion for wellness, Dr. Driver fosters a compassionate environment supported by modern facilities, experienced staff, and personalized chiropractic care, ensuring dependable relief and patient convenience.

Your Journey to Natural Recovery Starts Here

Softwave TRT Therapy presents a groundbreaking non-surgical solution for acute and chronic injuries, effectively targeting conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, knee, shoulder, tendonitis, and neck pain. Utilizing an FDA-approved and patented device, this therapy stimulates the body's natural healing process at the cellular level, offering comprehensive relief and restoration.

Get started on your path to wellness with Softwave TRT Therapy in Columbus by contacting Driver Chiropractic today!

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