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Back Pain Treatment in Columbus, NE

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Imagine waking up one morning to a jolting pain in your back that became a chronic disruptor of your daily life. It has made it difficult to do your routine, to be productive at work, or to be at social events. Even sleeping becomes a challenge. It's important to seek the right back pain treatment in Columbus, NE, to help manage and reduce the discomfort.

At Driver Chiropractic, we promote being proactive about your health and getting back pain treatment when needed to make a substantial difference.

What is Back Pain?

It's critical to comprehend the underlying causes and manifestations of back pain. Several factors can cause back pain including bad posture and other medical conditions. Here are some common causes of back pain:

female suffering from back pain because of uncomfortable mattress.

Muscle or ligament strain

Some factors lead to overusing or damage to the muscles and ligaments supporting the spine. This includes lifting heavy things or physically demanding activities.

Bulging or herniated disc

A bulging or herniated disc is a painful condition that occurs when the soft tissue within the spinal disc pushes through a tear.

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a medical condition where the spinal canal narrows compressing the spinal cord and nerve roots. This pressure causes pain, commonly occurring in the neck or lower back.


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that commonly affects joints in the knees, hips, spine, and hands. It causes inflammation, stiffness, and loss of function.


Anomalies in the curvature of the spine can be a contributing factor to the onset of back pain and discomfort.

Poor Posture

A poor posture places excessive pressure on the muscles, ligaments, and joints affecting the neutral alignment of the spine. It can be hunching over a desk or slouching, which affects the spine, shoulders, neck, and pelvis.

Pinched nerve

A pinched nerve happens when pressure is on a nerve or group of nerves commonly occurring on the spine, joints, and adjoining tissues. It can lead to pain, tingling, and weakness.


Osteoporosis is characterized by a weakening and brittleness of bones, elevating the likelihood of fractures and causing back pain.

Importance of Timely Treatment

Timely treatment is imperative to manage the effects and prevent the worsening of any condition. Effective treatment starts with early detection and proper patient assessment. When there is action early on, the chances of recovery and improvement from the condition are higher.

Treatment of back pain is the same. When left untreated, it can become chronic back pain, disrupting the overall quality of life. Timely treatment reduces back pain and discomfort and promotes the body's natural healing ability.

Expertise in Driver Chiropractic

Driver Chiropractic stays at the forefront of technological advancements in chiropractic care. We utilize our cutting-edge facilities and high-quality treatment options to ensure optimal outcomes for patients seeking back pain treatment in Columbus, NE.

Led by Dr. Driver, we are committed to becoming a reliable provider of quality and comprehensive chiropractic care. 

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Experienced Chiropractor

Dr. Driver's chiropractic expertise and passion for helping people achieve healthier lives is the foundation of Driver Chiropractic. He has an extensive educational background in chiropractic care, becoming a board-certified chiropractic doctor. He is also board-certified in Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy. 

He is adept in many chiropractic techniques, such as COX Flexion-Distraction, Activator Adjusting, and Graston soft tissue technique. This expertise allows him to determine the most effective technique for each patient.

Patient-Centric Approach

Our patient-centered approach is influenced by Dr. Driver's passion for using chiropractic care to help others develop a healthier lifestyle. We focus on each patient's unique needs and concerns, bringing them into their treatment plan to create a collaborative wellness journey.

Driver Chiropractic Treatment Services

Back pain is a common issue that many people deal with daily, some having enormous effects on one's life. Driver Chiropractic offers services, such as Chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitation, and thorough assessments for this condition.

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Comprehensive Assessment

A thorough evaluation of your health is the first step in treatment planning. This evaluation entails a comprehensive physical examination, a review of medical history, and a discussion of the patient’s lifestyle. Our chiropractor will create a customized treatment plan suited to your needs based on the result of the evaluation.

Chiropractic Interventions

Chiropractic care is the core of Driver Chiropractic’s services. Dr. Driver uses many techniques for chiropractic interventions. The goal is to improve spinal alignment, decrease inflammation, increase mobility, and encourage general healing to reduce back pain.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Driver Chiropractic adds rehabilitative exercises and stretching techniques to our treatment plans. These exercises strengthen the back muscles and improve mobility and flexibility, which lessens back pain. 

Benefits of Choosing Driver Chiropractic

Driver Chiropractic is the best option for a back pain chiropractor in Columbus, NE. We provide customized care treatments suited to the needs of each patient. 

Lasting Relief

Back pain may negatively affect both your physical and mental health. We acknowledge this at Driver Chiropractic, so our customized care plans suit the patient's needs. We utilize our team's expertise to design a treatment plan that can offer as lasting relief as possible by treating the underlying source of the discomfort.

Individualized Care Plans

Dr. Driver will perform a comprehensive examination to find the underlying causes of your back discomfort. The result is the basis of the personalized treatment plan where you’ll get the best and most efficient care possible.

How to Prevent Back Pain

Regardless of the severity, back pain has a disruptive effect on one’s life. Fortunately, there are several precautions patients can take to reduce the pain and discomfort and help further prevent future instances.

woman with a desk job doing a stretch to maintain good posture

Maintain Good Posture

Good posture removes unnecessary pressure on the spine, so to maintain it, consider straightening your shoulders, hips, and ears when you sit and stand. Utilize supporting cushions and seats that are ergonomic. Steer clear of long-term hunching over or slouching.

Exercise Regularly

Outside clinic sessions, adding regular exercise to your routine helps increase flexibility and mobility. Look into low-impact activities like swimming, cycling, and walking to support your spine and strengthen your core muscles. 

Practice Safe Sleeping Habits

Sleep seems harmless, but poor sleep posture and inadequate support significantly impact back pain. Using a supporting pillow and medium-firm mattress. Make it a habit to sleep in a posture that preserves the spine’s natural curve. Avoid lying on your stomach to sleep.

Choose Driver Chiropractic for Back Pain Treatment

For back pain treatment in Columbus, NE, Driver Chiropractic is the clinic you'll want to partner with on your journey to wellness. With our chiropractor's expertise and experiences, our commitment is to provide our patients with the care that they need.

Take the first step to feeling better, schedule an appointment with Driver Chiropractic in Columbus.

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