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Sports Injury Treatment in Columbus, NE

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Sports are perfect for getting exercise and bonding with friends. Unfortunately, many sports can be dangerous and cause serious injury, even with the proper preventative measures. Sports injury treatment in Columbus is readily available from the team at Driver Chiropractic. With years of experience and a caring and dedicated team, we can help you with various injuries, from fractures to sprains and everything in between.  

Common Sports Injuries

Although there are several different sports, injuries remain consistent throughout. Common injuries can sideline you for a few weeks and even impact your everyday life. Many sports injuries are easily treated with chiropractic care. Some common injuries include:

Athlete suffers from a sports injury getting a treatment in a chiropractic clinic
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Injury Prone Sports

No sport will be completely safe, but certain sports are more injury-prone than others. Some of the most injury-prone sports include:

How to Prevent Sports Injuries

Injuries will happen no matter how safe and careful you are. However, you can prevent severe injuries with proper precautions.  

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Some great tips to prevent a sports injury are:

Athlete suffers from a sports injury getting a treatment in a chiropractic clinic

How Can Chiropractic Care Help With Sports Injuries 

Chiropractic care can help address sports injuries in a non-invasive, safe, and comprehensive way. Often, after suffering an injury, the body is out of alignment. Regular adjustments with your chiropractor can help restore alignment, allowing your body to function correctly and heal faster.  

With regular stretching and corrective exercises at a chiropractic office, you’ll be able to increase your muscle flexibility. When muscles are free to stretch and extend their range of motion, the chances of a sprain and strain drastically decrease.  

An untreated sports injury can lead to stiffness and reduced range of motion. Healing your existing injuries with the help of a chiropractor can also help prevent future injuries from occurring. For sports injury treatment in Columbus, reach out to the team at Driver Chiropractic.  

Choose Driver Chiropractic

Focusing on healing the entire body while providing immediate pain relief, the team at Driver Chiropractic can help with your sports injury. Earning his degree from Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Dylan Driver has years of experience and is a member of several chiropractic care associations. From lingering spring allergies to ongoing painful tennis elbow, Dr. Driver can provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for pain relief.

To get started with your sports injury treatment in Columbus, reach out to our office today. Call us at (402)-270-1062 to set up your initial appointment and return to the activities you love again.

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